Our team share the vision and values driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence.

  • Somak Raychaudhury

    He is an astrophysicist working mainly on galaxies and large scale structure in the Universe. He has interests in statistics and AI. He is the Director of IUCAA and is involved with various PKC projects.

  • Ajit Kembhavi

    He is an astrophysicist, working on stars, galaxies, quasars and high energy astrophysics. He is involved in data analytics, application of AI to astronomy and biology, and Virtual Observatories. He is an Emeritus Professor at IUCAA, of which he is a Founder Member and former Director. He is the Principal Investigator of PKC.

  • L. S. Shashidhara

    He is a developmental biologist and geneticist at IISER-Pune, presently on lien at Ashoka University, where he is Dean of Research. He is the co-Investigator of PKC and leads the PKC COVID-19 effort.

  • Santosh Dixit

    Dr. Santosh Dixit is Senior Scientist, Centre for Translational Cancer Research (CTCR), Pune. In addition, he serves as Additional Director (Executive) at The ICGA Foundation and is a member of the Task Force focused on Repurposing of Drugs for COVID19 (“TFORD-COVID19“) constituted by the office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India. At PKC, Dr. Dixit will serve as an Honorary Senior Consultant in the Healthcare vertical.

  • Surendra Ghaskadbi

    He is a biologist particularly interested in animal development and evolution. Loves nature, humor, whistling, sports, reading, communicating, travelling, walking and eating. He is a Senior Advisor with the PKC working mainly on capacity building.

  • Shantanu Goel

    He is a Programme Manager at the PKC focussing on the Environment vertical. He aims to help make Pune Metropolitan Region climate change resilient by working on socio-economic-environmental problems related to tree/forest cover and water.

  • Shilpa Jain

    Dr. Shilpa Jain is a Ph.D. in Physics, from Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has worked as Program Officer at IITM Pune, Program Manager/Coordinator on various funded projects at IISER Pune. She also has corporate/industrial experience. She has interests in Program Management, Research, Data analysis, STEM education & outreach, Teacher training and Pedagogy. At PKC she will be associated with the Capacity building vertical as a Program Manager.

  • Anita Kane

    She is an IT professional and passionate about data driven innovation in public services. She was the City Data Officer (COD) of the Pune Municipal Corporation from 2017 - 2019. She was the first CDO for any city in India. Anita takes a keen interest in sports and is an alumnus of IIT, Bombay.She is a Senior Advisor to the PKC working on the Environment, Health and Big Data & AI verticals.

  • Ashwini Keskar

    She is a trained microbiologist with a PhD in environmental sciences. She has used molecular based approaches to study species diversity, conservation in northern Western Ghats. Environment, education, biodiversity are her passions. She is an Assistant Programme Manager at the PKC working mainly on the Environment and Health verticals.

  • Rupa Mishra

    She is an Assistant Programme Manager for epidemiology and healthcare projects. Prior to this she was a Postdoc at IISER Pune & has done her PhD in Cancer Biology from ACTREC.

  • Prachi Pasalkar

    Prachi is a physicist. At PKC she is an Assistant Programme Manager majorly involved in Capacity Building and advanced skill development. Prior to PKC she was associated with institutes like IISER Pune and Fergusson college. Education and science outreach are her passions.

  • Kadir Pathan

    He is a full stack developer. He is passionate about developing websites and also works on large scale of data. He is working as a Software Engineer with Pune Knowledge Cluster(PKC)

  • Disha Sawant

    She is an Assistant Programme Manager with PKC working mainly on a Citizen Science programme and the Environment vertical. Disha finished her PhD in astrophysics from University of Ferrara & INFN- Bologna. Later she worked in PRL- Ahmedabad and IIT- Mumbai as postdoctoral researcher. Her interests lie mainly in astronomy education, data analysis and sustainability.

  • Rashmi Urdhwareshe

    She is a President SAE India (Society of Automotive Engineers) and serves in Advisory and Mentorship roles for Corporates, Educational/ Research programs, and Government Agencies. Prior to this, she served as Director ARAI, Pune. She is a recipient of several national awards for Engineering Excellence, Woman Empowerment, Business Leadership, Green Mobility, and many more. She is honored with Nari Shakti Puraskar 2019, at the hands of Hon’ble President of India. She is a Senior Advisor to the PKC working for the Electrical and Sustainable Mobility vertical.