The proposed activities will include :

  • Planning and execution of projects of local relevance like improving the tree cover, vector dynamics & viral epidemics etc.
  • Planning and execution of large-scale projects like Pune digital twin, integrated electric multi-modal transport etc.
  • Preparation of proposals for funding of projects which cannot find resources at the local level.
  • Lectures, interdisciplinary courses, conferences, schools and workshops.
  • Internship programmes.
  • Development of policy framework and long-term vision for the city and the region in the domains of academics, R&D, and innovation.
  • Scaling up of activities to regional and national level.


Short term projects will be executed over six months to a year and will address issues of relevance to the city. The projects will involve collaboration across organisations spanning various disciplines and will create platforms for larger and long term collaborations. Projects will broadly follow the 5-step process of collection, curation, analysis, interpretation of large amounts of data to design tailored and efficient solutions. A few examples of such interdisciplinary projects are:

  • Improving Pune tree cover.
  • Studying and modelling last mile connectivity by E-transport.
  • Pilot Study to Connect Electric Vehicles to Grid/Home.
  • Vector dynamics & viral epidemics.

More such projects with local relevance, assured feasibility and the promise of early results will be taken up in the future. The interdisciplinary nature of these projects will provide an excellent ground for crosstalk and collisions between entities that could lead to further interesting and large-scale projects. The short term activities of PKC will include awareness programmes and public outreach.


Larger and long-term projects in various domains to address important issues innovatively will be developed. Data analytics with state-of-the-art AI methods and sustainable strategies will be used and the projects would be presented to the Mega City Cluster Office at the PSA's office for raising resources for implementation. The short term projects will be making important contributions to the development of the long term projects.

Some sample long term projects are:

• Integrated Electric Multi-Modal Transport • Water Management


The Capacity Building Initiatives of the PKC will provide